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Blackwing Air Intake Kit
C6 Corvette LS3 & LS7 Blackwing Air Intake Kit

SLP's new C6 Z06 & 2008 LS3 Corvette
Blackwing Air Intake System features an
integrated MAF housing, increased air bridge
volume, secure mounting points, and their
exclusive high flow Blackwing air filter. This
LS3/LS7 Corvette Blackwing Air Intake System is
guaranteed to make +10 hp and +11 ft.-lbs. of
torque at the flywheel. Don't forget to purchase
SLP's exclusive Blackwing air filter cleaning kit to
keep your new filter working efficiently for years.

Blackwing Intake, LS3 & LS7
C6 Corvette Lingenfelter
Performance Air Intake Kit
2005-2007 Lingenfelter Air Intake System, LS2

The Lingenfelter high flow air intake for the C6
Corvette LS2 engine has shown a 12 hp gain at the
rear wheels with even higher gains on modified
engines. This system is designed to provide lower
temperature air from outside the engine compartment
to produce optimal performance. Intake system
includes a washable air filter assembly, filter housing,
fasteners, and detailed installation instructions.
Modification of the fan shroud is required, if you would
like to keep your stock fan shroud you can purchase
an already modified unit below.

2005-2007 Air Intake System, LS2

2005-07 Modified Fan Shroud, LS2 $95.99
C6 LS3 & LS7 Corvette
Hurricane Air Intake System
Corvette C6 LS3 & LS7 Corvette Hurricane Air
Intake System

Upgrade your stock intake with the latest and most
innovative induction system for your C6/Z06
Corvette. The Hurricane is designed to bring the
cool outside air in through its custom designed
large intake scoops. These scoops have been
designed to nearly eliminate the possibility of
ingesting water yet allowing superior airflow.
Constructed primarily of carbon fiber, each
Hurricane is supplied with a lifetime filter and filter
recharge kit. Available in your choice of carbon fiber
or black finish. Will fit all LS3 & LS7 engines.
Instructions included.

2006-09 Hurricane Intake, Black, LS3 & LS7

2006-09 Hurricane Intake, Carbon Fiber, LS3 & LS7
C6 Corvette LS2 BBK Air
Intake Kit
2005-2007 BBK Air Intake Kit, LS2

Improve the performance of your C6 Corvette with
this intake system from BBK Performance. Dyno
tested up to 15 hp, this kit replaces the stock
paper filter and restrictive power duct to allow cold
air to flow more easily to your LS2 engine. This
intake utilizes two high flow washable cotton filter
elements and is CAD designed & flow tested for
maximum performance. Installs in minutes with
simple hand tools and complete instructions are

2005-2007 BBK Air Intake Kit, LS2
C6 Corvette K&N Air Filter
Add 10 horsepower to your C6 when you install the new K&N Air Intake
System. K&N designed this system specifically for your Corvette's 6.0L
C6 engine to increase air flow and decrease power robbing turbulence.
A higher volume of air, that flows faster and smoother, means more
power from your engine. And the smoother flow means K&N systems
produce less induction noise than the stock system. Check local
regulations, may not be street legal in all states.

2005-2007 Intake System (Non Z06)
* Large Intakes Scoop Up More Cold Air

* 25 Horsepower Boost

* Includes Lifetime Filter and Free Filter Recharge Kit

Give your C6 Hurricane Force. The Corvette Hurricane
Air Induction System forces more cold air into your
engine for maximum power output. These large
intake scoops are designed to let air in, but keep
water out. Expect an estimated 25 hp boost with the
Hurricane system. Made primarily of carbon fiber,
each Hurricane system comes with a lifetime filter
and a filter recharge kit.
Tech Note: This will not fit a Z06.

2005-2007 Corvette LS2 Hurricane Air Intake, Black

2005-07 Corvette LS2 Hurricane Air Intake, Carbon
Corvette LS2 Hurricane Air
Dual Cone High Performance C6
Corvette Intake System
* Low Restriction Air Flow Adds Horsepower And Torque

* Works Great When Paired With High Flow Exhaust Systems

* Installs In Under 1 Hour

2005-2007 Corvette Polished Aluminum/Carbon Fiber LS2 Dual
Cone Intake  
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